This article will introduce you to the application of HPMC in wall putty/skim coat.

At present, in most cities in the world, water-resistant, scrub-resistant and environmentally friendly putty has been basically valued by people.

A few years ago, because of putty made of polyvinyl alcohol and formaldehyde acetal reaction system gives off formaldehyde gas which is harmful to people’s health. Therefore, this material is gradually eliminated. And  cellulose ether series replace it, which is the only material for developing environmentally friendly building materials.

There are two kinds of water-resistant putty, dry powder and putty paste. Two kinds the cellulose ethers modified methyl cellulose and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose commonly  are using. They viscosity are between 30000-60000cps.

As the formula of the putty is different from one manufacturer to another. Such as calcium ash, light calcium, white cement, etc.. Or gypsum powder, calcium ash, light calcium, etc.. The viscosity and amount of cellulose ethers are also different between the two formulations, and the usual amount is 2‰-5‰.

In the construction of wall coatings, because of the water absorption of the wall base (13% for brick wall, 3-5% for concrete) and the evaporation, the water loss is fast. It will lead to cracks or demineralization, thus weakening the strength of the putty. Anyway adding HPMC from Landcel will solve this problem.

However, the quality of the raw materials, especially the calcium ash, is also extremely important. The high viscosity of HPMC from Landcel enhances the buoyancy of the filler and avoids the phenomenon of sagging. HPMC from Landcel adds to the powder putty, it is convenient to opperate and use. The raw materials and additives can  mixe evenly in drymix powders, the construction is also convenient then.

This is an introduction to the application of HPMC in wall putty. If you have a need for this, please contact us promptly. We will professionally tailor your product to your needs.