This article explains how to use tile adhesive.

Step 1: Wet the construction wall and ground. Walls and floors must be kept dry inside. Walls and ground surfaces need to be kept flat. Cement mortar can be used to smooth the uneven or rough surface.
Step 2: Remove dust, oil and other stains on the base layer. Otherwise, it will affect the adhesion of tile adhesive.
Step 3: adjust the adhesive, the water-cement ratio is about 1:4, and stir evenly. The adhesive should be used up within 5-6 hours (the temperature is relatively high, and it should be used up in a shorter time when the light is sufficient).
Step 4: Apply the mixed adhesive to the back of the tile to be laid and press firmly until the tile surface is flat. Tiles laid within 15 minutes can be corrected by movement.
Conclusion: Adding dispersible polymer powder and other bonding materials such as tile adhesive has several times the adhesion between the tile and the base surface than cement, which can effectively prevent bricks from falling off. Increase the service life and engineering quality of tiles.

tile adhesive

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