How to deal with paint surface, putty and wall cracking?

Houses that have been built for many years will have large and small problems over time, and cracked walls are one of the most troublesome aspects. Why do you say that? First, it will affect the overall aesthetics of the interior; second, the wall crack cannot be cured until the specific reason is found. So how to “cure” the cracked walls?
First of all, we have to analyze the cause of the cracks in the wall before we can give a “treatment policy”.

1. Cracking of the paint surface

This situation is generally because the quality of latex paint is not good enough. Or it didn’t dry out completely after painting. There was a sudden drop in temperature.
The solution: Repairing cracked paint is simple. Scrape off the latex paint directly and repaint the primer and topcoat.

2. Putty cracking

When there is a very thin seam on the wall of the home, it is usually because the putty layer is cracked. There are many reasons for putty cracking. For example, the quality of the putty powder is not good enough, and the putty is not completely dry after the first pass, so the second pass is applied.
Solution: Shovel off the paint and putty layer and fill it up again.

3. The wall is damp, cracked and peeled off

It is generally more common on the walls of bathrooms or kitchens. The obvious reason is that the waterproofing was not done well during the renovation. Too much moisture has caused the wall skin to peel off and moldy.
Solution: It is recommended to do waterproofing again, and then repair the wall as a whole.

4. Wall slits

The reason for wall cracks is temperature cracking, and the cracks are generally at the junction of different materials. Because the structure of the house will change due to temperature changes. If the materials are not the same as the degree of expansion is not the same, it will lead to cracks in the wall.
Solution: In this case, it is necessary to increase the insulation layer. It plays the role of heat preservation and heat insulation of the house, so as to protect the building body.

The above are the reasons and solutions for wall cracking listed for you. In fact, the factors that lead to these problems are related to the construction during the decoration. No matter what kind of cracks appear on the wall. It’s all unsafe. So don’t take it lightly when decorating.

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