When wall problems develop with exterior wall insulation. Generally, it will appear some time after the construction is completed, or after the temperature cycle changes in winter and summer. Its hidden quality or exterior wall insulationissues cause these problems. Generally speaking, four major problems will arise.

Exterior wall insulation layer falls off

Because of the quality problems of the materials used and carelessness in the construction process, etc. Exterior wall insulation boards are prone to shifting, hollowing, and falling off. The slurry insulation layer has hollowing and falling off. If not treated in time, the insulation effect of the wall will be greatly reduced.

1. Basic structural factors.

The exterior wall of the frame structure is prone to damage to the insulation layer due to deformation of the masonry at the joints between the concrete beams and columns and the masonry. Scaffolding openings and other openings are not solidly built, causing partial base layers of the insulation layer to be weak and damaged. Exterior wall decorative components are not firmly fixed and shifted, causing a push-pull effect. The insulation layer will be partially hollowed out and cracked, and water will seep for a long time, eventually causing the insulation layer to fall off.

2. Improper anti-stress measures.

The surface load of the insulation board is too large, or the negative wind pressure resistance measures are unreasonable. If the exterior walls of coastal areas or high-rise buildings adopt non-nail bonding methods. It is very easy for the insulation panels to be damaged by wind pressure and hollow out.

3. Improper handling of wall interface.

Except for the clay brick walls, all other walls should be treated with interface mortar and then applied with slurry insulation material. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the insulation layer to hollow directly or the interface treatment material to fail. The interface layer and the main wall are hollowed out, and the insulation layer is hollowed out. The surface of the insulation board also needs to be treated with interface mortar. Otherwise it will cause local hollowing of the insulation layer.
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