The weather is hot in summer, and there are many restrictions on the construction of putty powder. So how to operate to ensure the normal progress of the construction?
The correct method of summer putty powder construction is as follows:

Ⅰ. Ensure that the basic treatment is good

Drying: The moisture content of the base layer is <10%
Weak base: PH value not greater than 10
Firmness: No cracking, powder shedding, no sanding, no hollowing, no peeling, no lime burst points, no old coatings with poor adhesion, etc. on the base layer.
Clean: No dust, no laitance, no oil stains, no rust spots, no mildew spots, no salt precipitates, no moss and other sundries on the surface.
Flatness: vertical facade, vertical yin and yang corners, squareness and no missing corners. The grid seams are consistent in depth and horizontal and vertical. The tolerances shall be within the requirements and the surface shall be flat and not glossy.

Ⅱ. Get rid of the influence of high temperature drying

1. In high temperature and dry environment, interface agent/wall solid can be used to seal the substrate. Or before putty construction, wet the wall with water two hours in advance. After the putty layer is completely dry, sprinkle water for maintenance.
2. Add water and stir according to the suggestion, let it stand for 10 minutes to mature and then stir again for use.
3. It is recommended to use up the prepared putty powder within two hours.
4. Avoid construction under high temperature environment and strong direct sunlight.

Ⅲ. Be patient when it is rainy and humid

1. It is recommended that the construction interval be extended accordingly according to the ambient humidity. Ensure that all coatings are fully maintained. Thereby reducing rework and repair.
2. Take the method of multi-layer thin coating. And maintain the maintenance time and do a good job of ventilation after the construction of each layer. Use exhaust fans to increase air flow when necessary.
3. If water-resistant putty is used, it is advisable to use suitable sandpaper for sanding as soon as possible within 1-2 days.

To sum up, in fact, putty is approved in summer. Attention should be paid to prevent excessive ventilation, direct sunlight, and construction during high temperature periods. Pay attention to these, in fact, summer is also a good season for batching putty. At the same time, construction in high temperature season. Workers should also do a good job in preventing heatstroke.
Landcel‘s cellulose ether products are professionally used in construction additives. There are different grades and viscosities for putty powder. It can improve the workability of putty powder in super cold or super hot environment.
HPMC for putty/skim coat