The main reason for the blistering of Wall putty powder is the problem of the wall. If the wall is pitted, uneven, and has small pits. It must be blistered. And the amount of blistering depends on the shear force of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. The higher the viscosity of cellulose, the more bubbles, and vice versa.

Because of the high viscosity and high surface tension, when the air pressed into the pit protrudes out, the bubbles formed are not easy to break.

wall putty

Use less shear force, it will be better. It can also be made with some vertical kettle technology. The viscosity is lower and the water retention is better. We, Hebei Landcel Cellulose Tech Co., Ltd., has special products that guarantee and ensure no foaming, less foaming, good water retention and workability.

Putty powder blistering has a certain relationship with the base of the wall. If the maintenance period of the grassroots tumbler has not passed, the weak alkali will be very large. Causing the putty layer to have a high weak alkali during the maintenance period, leaving traces of blistering after drying. If the base wall is too dry, also not good. And the speed is too fast when it is scraped, which causes the putty to laminate with gas and generate air drums. The HPMC and putty powder must  stir completely, in order to completely dissolve the HPMC, gray calcium, heavy calcium and other additives. Which can also prevent the putty powder from foaming.

The main ingredients in the putty powder are HPMC, RDP, white mud, double fly powder, heavy calcium powder, talcum powder and gray calcium powder, etc. The function of HPMC is thickening, water retention and good workability. It does not participate in any reaction.

The reasons for the bubbles produced by putty can divide into the following aspects: 1. Too much water. 2. If the bottom layer is not dry, just scrape another layer on it, which will also cause bubbles. The solution is to control the water in an appropriate amount to ensure that the bottom layer is dry and then the second time. The quality of the gray calcium powder should also be stable.

The causes of bubbles and other problems caused by poor batching of putty powder should be examined for various reasons. HPMC is not the most important, but the construction technology is more important.

Hebei Landcel Cellulose Tech Co., Ltd.  is a professional manufacturer of HPMC. Viscosity ranges from 300-75000 Mpa.S, Brookfield 2% solution, use MH100T could effectively solve the problem of wall putty blister.