Causes and solutions of blistering putty(1)

2. Solutions for blistered putty

Causes and solutions of blistering putty
1. For large blistered putty surfaces, use a spatula to directly crush the small bubbles. Then re-scrape the blistered surface with a suitable putty.
2. For particularly rough walls, generally choose a coarse putty for the base material if possible.
3. Clean up the wall (remove loose wall surface), free from oil and dust.
4. Apply 1-2 coats of interface treatment to enhance the adhesion of the base layer to the putty.
5. In case of excessively dry or windy conditions, wet the wall with water as much as possible. And then leave the wall free of water before applying the putty layer.
6. For large blistered surfaces, use a spatula to break through the small bubbles. And then re-scrape the blistered surface with a suitable putty.
7.After mixing the putty powder, it should be left to stand for 10 minutes to allow the various ingredients to fully wet. And then dissolve before being mixed again with an electric mixer.
8. The putty should be repeatedly scraped and pushed on the wall to allow full contact, wetting, penetration and diffusion of the putty with the base. In the event of blistering of the putty layer on the second or last surface layer, a scraper should be used to press the bubble-breaking process before the watermark is removed to ensure that no bubbles appear on the putty surface.
9. Wall pre-treatment: If the vapour bubble is particularly serious at the top of the prefabricated moulding wall, wet water treatment can be carried out first to allow the water to be absorbed and the air to be expelled. After drying, seal the interface, then level the bottom of the plaster and finally scrape the putty, the vapour bubble will be much better.
10. The function of putty is not to be too thick, but to be precise. Putty is more of a surface finish and can be used as a decorative layer.
11. Pay attention to the weather during construction, avoid construction if the air humidity reaches above 75% and the water content of the wall reaches above 10%.
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