Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is a white, odorless and tasteless powder with different solubility in cold water and hot water. Products with high methoxyl content are insoluble in hot water above 85°C. Products with medium methoxyl content are insoluble in hot water above 65°C. Products with low methoxyl content are insoluble in hot water above 60°C. Ordinary HPMC is insoluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, ether and chloroform, but is soluble in 10%-80% ethanol aqueous solution or a mixture of methanol and dichloromethane. HPMC has certain hygroscopicity. At 25°C and 80% RH, the equilibrium moisture absorption is 13%, and it is very stable in dry environment and PH environment of 3-11.
Other properties of HPMC include the following points.
(1) HPMC has the characteristics of thermal gelation, that is, it has excellent characteristics of being soluble in cold water but insoluble in hot water. As long as it is placed in cold water, it can be completely dissolved into a transparent solution by stirring. Some brands of products are basically insoluble in hot water above 60 °C, and can only swell. This performance can be used for their washing and purification, which can reduce costs, reduce pollution, and increase production safety.
(2) HPMC is a non-ionic mixed cellulose ether. Its solution has no ionic charge and does not interact with metal salts or ionic compounds. This property can fully play a role in the pharmaceutical field without affecting its efficacy.
(3) HPMC has strong resistance to enzymes, and the resistance to enzymes is also enhanced with the increase of substitution degree, which is more beneficial to the storage of manufactured medicines than other sugar and starch products, and can reduce the possibility of mildew and deterioration. It can be widely used in coatings and food industries.
(4) HPMC is metabolically inert. As a pharmaceutical excipient, it is not metabolized or absorbed, so it does not provide calories in food. It has unique applicability to low-calorie, salt-free and non-mutagenic foods for diabetics. .
(5) HPMC aqueous solution has excellent film-forming properties, which can provide good conditions for tablets, pills and coating. The film formed by it is colorless, transparent and tough, and if glycerin is added, its flexibility can be increased.
In addition, HPMC has good dispersing, emulsifying, thickening, cohesive, water-retaining and gum-retaining properties. HPMC is widely used in medicine, petrochemical, construction, ceramics, textile, food, daily chemicals, synthetic resins, coatings and electronics industries.
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