HPMC Chinese name hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, non-ionic, is often used as a water retention agent in dry-mixed mortar. And it is the most commonly used water retention material in mortar.
HPMC production process is mainly cotton fiber (domestic) through alkylation, etherification and generated a polysaccharide-based ether products. It is not charged itself and does not react with the charged ions in the gelling material. So its performance is stable. The price is also lower than other types of cellulose ethers. So it is widely used in dry-mixed mortar.

Function of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose:

It can thicken the fresh mortar so as to have certain wet viscosity and prevent segregation (Thickening) .

Water retention is also the main property. Which helps to keep the amount of free water in the mortar, so that the cementitious material has more time to hydrate after the mortar construction (Water Retention).

Its inherent air-entraining property introduces uniform and fine air bubbles to improve mortar workability.
HPMC for dry mix mortar
The greater the viscosity of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ether, the better the water retention performance. Viscosity is an important parameter of HPMC performance. Currently, different HPMC manufacturers use different methods and instruments to determine the viscosity of HPMC, the main methods are HaakeRotovisko, Hoppler, Ubbelohde and Brookfield.
For the same product, the viscosity results measured by different methods vary greatly, and some are even exponentially different. Therefore, when comparing viscosities, it is important to do so between the same test methods, including temperature, rotor, etc.
Ladncel’s HPMC is measured by professional laboratory personnel through professional laboratory instruments and precise tests to ensure the practicality and value of the product.

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Analysis of the importance of HPMC for dry mix mortar(Ⅱ)

Analysis of the importance of HPMC for dry mix mortar(Ⅲ)